Does Chef Massimo Bottura have a recipe to end global food waste? | The Stream

A staggering 931 million tonnes of food goes to waste each year while 690 million people go hungry around the world, according to the UN.

That adds up to almost one third of all food produced being lost or going to waste. Unconsumed food is also responsible for eight to 10 percent of global carbon emissions. Renowned Italian chef Massimo Bottura, disturbed by these statistics, has long been on a campaign to change how we think about food and the environmental, social and economic benefits of reducing food waste.

In 2016, the three-Michelin star chef launched Food for Soul, a nonprofit that focuses on building healthier, more equitable food systems. Food for Soul aims to change the way chefs think about food waste and how they work in their communities. The organisation also runs Refettorios (soup kitchens) across Italy and their numbers are growing.

When he’s not running Food for Soul, the three Michelin star chef is running his acclaimed restaurant Osteria Francescana, writing books and running other kitchen activism initiatives like ‘WhyWaste?’ – a video series featuring tips and recipes from his team of chefs to inspire home cooks to make the best of leftovers and prevent waste.

In the final of three special shows in partnership with the UN General Assembly, we’ll speak to Massimo Bottura and ask him about using food as a vehicle for social justice.

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