Will Washington reconsider its plans on Afghanistan? | Inside Story

Afghan forces are surrendering outposts and escaping in their hundreds to neighbouring Tajikistan.
Those that do face the Taliban put up little or no resistance.
The heart of U.S. operations in Afghanistan for almost two decades – the Bagram air base – is empty of American troops.
And the Taliban is pressing on with its territorial campaign, making significant gains.
The armed group now controls almost a third of the country’s 400 districts, mainly in the north.
How worrying are these latest developments?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault

Obaidullah Baheer, lecturer of Transitional Justice at the American University Afghanistan.
Peter Galbraith, Former Deputy U.N Envoy to Afghanistan.
Faiz Zaland, political commentator and professor at Kabul University,

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