How to love sports when it doesn’t love you back? | The Stream

Have you ever thought about whether loving a sports team comes with a cost? Kavitha Davidson and Jessica Luther have.

In ‘Loving Sports When They Don’t Love You Back: Dilemmas of the Modern Fan’ the sports journalists write: “Being a sports fan is often tiring. Part of what makes sports so wonderful is that you get to participate in a huge, emotional journey during every match and throughout a season, year after year. You can choose a side, root for a player or a team, feel the highs and lows of their heroics, cry with joy or sadness at the wins and losses.”

But what happens when your favourite team is rocked by scandal? Or your most admired athlete is accused of a crime? Do you turn away when the sportsmen and women you love lose integrity? Or do you stop to question who actually set the standards in the first place? In their book, Davidson and Luther ask what toll such questions can take on the psyche of a fan.

On this episode of The Stream, we meet them to discuss comfort and community in the love of sport.

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