• First woman to run hospital in Syria talks to Al Jazeera

    The first Syrian woman to run a hospital in the country and the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary is urging the international community to help stop the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria’s northwestern province Idlib. Dr Amani Ballour ran a hospital …..

  • Syrian refugees in limbo on Turkey-Greece border

    Frustration and anger are growing among refugees on the border between Turkey and Greece. They are waiting to seize an opportunity to get into the European Union via Bulgaria and Greece. The Turkish government says more than 117,000 refugees have …..

  • Turkey launches self-defence military operation in Syria

    Turkey says it has launched a renewed military operation in northwestern Syria. It follows the killing of 34 Turkish soldiers in the Syrian government air attacks in Idlib province on Thursday. Turkey’s defence minister said the operation was in self-defence …..

  • Syria’s Idlib sees ghost towns as hundreds of thousands flee

    At least one million people are on the move in Syria’s Idlib province. Stranded on the border area with Turkey and fearing Syrian government bombardments, the displaced have nowhere left to run or hide. Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from …..

  • UN warns of ‘bloodbath’ as Syria fighting escalates

    There’s been intense shelling between the opposition and Syrian government forces who are making their push for the last rebel-held area. Russian warplanes have also been bombing the region. The United Nations warned that the humanitarian crisis in Syria will …..

  • UN calls for Syrian government to open humanitarian corridors

    The United Nations human rights chief is calling on the Syrian government and its allies to open humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave areas of fighting. Michelle Bachelet put out a statement via her spokesman, who said government and Russian …..