• Gunmen storm Sikh religious complex in Kabul

    Security forces cordon off the area located in old Kabul and are engaged in gun battle with attackers, officials say. Gunmen and suicide bombers have stormed a Sikh religious complex in the Afghan capital Kabul and were locked in a …..

  • Iraq: Pilgrimage continues despite coronavirus pandemic

    Iraq has so far registered 214 coronavirus cases and 17 deaths. To prevent further spread of the virus, the government imposed a weeklong curfew in Baghdad and other cities and cancelled all domestic flights. But security forces are still struggling …..

  • Can East Africa’s locust plague be stopped? | The Stream

    From feasting locusts to melting glaciers to betting on a doomsday seed vault, The Stream takes a look at global warming’s effects around the world. Join the conversation. Locusts Authorities in East Africa are racing to counter swarms of voracious …..

  • China On Campus | 101 East

    Australia’s universities are embroiled in a growing geopolitical storm. In recent months, pro and anti-Beijing groups have clashed on campuses amid rising concerns over the Chinese government’s expanding power abroad. Universities earn billions of dollars a year from student fees …..

  • Thai rogue soldier angry over ‘property deal dispute’

    Thailand’s Prime Minister says a property dispute was the motive for a soldier to shoot hostages in a shopping mall. The 32-year-old gunman killed 29 people before security forces eventually cornered and killed him. He first opened fire at a …..

  • Is Huawei a threat to cyber security? I Inside Story

    The U.S. is pressuring allies in the West to ban Huawei. The Chinese tech giant provides world-leading technology for the next generation of mobile networks called 5G. However, the Trump administration has long accused Beijing of using it for spying. …..

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