• Director Addresses Cyber Conference

    At the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York, FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed how the FBI is evolving to stay ahead of threats in the digital age. Cyber Crimes Stories

  • FBI Director Speaks at Cyber Security Gathering

    Director Comey briefed participants at the International Conference on Cyber Security on current cyber threats and the FBI’s multi-pronged strategy to effectively address them. Cyber Crimes Stories

  • FBI Director Addresses Cyber Security Gathering

    James Comey discussed the current cyber threat landscape, the FBI’s efforts to stay ahead of the threat, and the importance of strong private sector partnerships at the Boston Conference on Cyber Security. Cyber Crimes Stories

  • Foreground Security Names Jeffrey B. Mauro Director of Operations

    HERNDON, Va., April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Foreground Security, a cutting-edge cyber security consulting firm that offers an advanced set of cyber hunting and analytics capabilities, today announced it has named Jeffrey B. Mauro as its Director of Operations. …..

  • Foreground Security taps new Director of Operations

    Foreground Security has named Jeffrey Mauro Director of Operations. In his new role, Mauro is responsible for overseeing Foreground’s day-to-day operating activities, including leadership of overall operations, support of professional services and management of financial goals, the company said in …..