• Why is coronavirus killing BAME Britons? | The Stream

    Ethnic minorities make up less than 20 percent of the British population but the outsized impact of coronavirus on their communities is startling. According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics black people are four times more likely to die …..

  • Airpower a tall factor in Libya war outcomes

    In Libya, forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar have been forced to retreat as the UN-recognised government has been making rapid gains. The two sides have been fighting for control of the west since April 2019. Airpower has …..

  • India: Under Lockdown | 101 East

    Social distancing and good hygiene are essential weapons in the fight against COVID-19. But how can you maintain social distancing in one of the world’s largest slums? How can you wash your hands regularly when there is no running water? …..

  • Hong Kong autonomy: Special status with US in doubt

    The US secretary of state has told Congress Hong Kong’s special status with the United States should end, as it is no longer an autonomous territory. It comes as China prepares to impose new security laws on Hong Kong, which …..

  • Trump offers mediation in China-India dispute

    US President Donald Trump has offered to mediate between India and China following reports of rising tension along one of the world's longest unmarked borders. Confrontations between soldiers earlier this month have seen both sides increasing their military presence in …..

  • China’s parliament passes Hong Kong national security law

    China's parliament on Thursday overwhelmingly approved directly imposing national security legislation on Hong Kong to tackle secession, subversion, “terrorism” and foreign interference in a city roiled by violence last year. That is despite protests and international warnings saying the law …..

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