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Lachlan Markay Admonished For Posting ‘Photo of an Innocent Child to Insinuate Something Nasty’

Lachlan Markay / Source: Twitter

Lachlan Markay, a White House Reporter for The Daily Beast, is taking heat on Twitter this week after he, according to one self-described “mother of three“, used a “photo of an innocent child to insinuate something nasty.”

It all started when Markay mocked an illustration in a new book, “How The People Trumped Ronald Plump,” by Independent Reporter’s co-founders Ed Krassenstein and Brian Krassenstein, depicting Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a shirtless super hero.  After some back and forth between the Krassenstein brothers and Markay, Markay completely lost it and decided it would be okay to crop a photo of Ed’s son and his brother (Brian) and then seemingly imply that something disturbing was taking place — something that would, apparently be of interest to Markay’s “gay and female” followers, as Tim Miller of CrookedMedia requested.

Markay took an innocent photo which Ed says was from a vacation he took with his family over a year ago — as seen below (child’s face censored):

Ed Krassenstein (left), Ed’s son, Brian Krassenstein (right)

He then cropped the image in what seems to be a poor attempt at humor, after CrookedMedia’s Tim Miller asked “Can you put together a best of collection for your gay and female followers”.

Markay was met with over 230 comments, mostly condemning and admonishing him. Some users even demanded that the Daily Beast take appropriate actions to hold Lachlan Markay accountable for his disturbing tweet.

Ed Krassenstein says that he has formally asked Lachlan Markay to take the photo of his child down immediately.

“I asked via Twitter and sent him an email, and he has refused to even respond,” Krassenstein says. “My wife was shocked and appalled at how low someone could go.”

Markay has a history with the Krassenstein brothers. Ed says that it was about a year ago that Markay wrote a smear piece about him and his brother, in regards to a civil asset forfeiture nightmare their families experienced years ago.

“Markay literally twisted and turned a narrative to make us out to appear to be criminals in an article he wrote for the Daily Beast last year,” Krassenstein explains. “The Daily Beast has edited and corrected the article on numerous occasions because of Markay’s inability to get facts straight. Now he’s resorting to cropping a photo of my 4-year-old child. It’s truly disgusting.”

Ed also says that he has reached out to the Daily Beast, asking them to hold Markay accountable for his actions.

“They refuse to respond as well,” Krassenstein says. “I know in my experience running online media outlets, if any of my writers were to do something I felt did not fall inline with the morals of my company, I would immediate demand a take down and an apology. I’m all for the First Amendment, but when it comes to people’s kids, you don’t go there!”

Lachlan Markay has a history of controversy. He once admitted that he was interested in “not necessarily unbiased reporting.”

The conservative reporter who has worked with controversial news agencies such as Breitbart and think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation also once said that he believes young conservatives should remember one thing: “Nobody cares about your opinion.”

After this meltdown, some may be inclined to say that Markay doesn’t care about your children either.  Some may go even further, like the person who sent Markay this email which he himself published on his own Twitter feed after the incident.

Email received by Lachlan Markay / Source: Twitter

“If you have a problem with me, take it up with me,” Ed Krassenstein says. “My kids mean everything to me, and Markay’s actions should disturb everyone.”

Lachlan Markay on Fox News – Source: Youtube

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