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How to Watch ‘March For Our Lives’ Live #MarchForOurLives

As hundreds of thousands of people converge on Washington DC, as well as cities throughout the globe, we realize that not everyone is able to make it to a rally this afternoon. If you are one of these people who wish they could participate but are stuck at home for various reasons, we have embedded a couple of live feeds, which will fill you in on all that’s happening, not only in Washington D.C., but in other areas around the country as well.

ABC News will be covering multiple MarchForOurLives rallies all day today, and it’s being streamed online the entire day. You can watch this stream below:

The Washington Post will start a live stream at 11:30 AM EST today, covering the Washington D.C. MarchforOurLives rally. You can view the stream below:

Additionally CSPAN has a live feed from Washington D.C. as well. This stream is not embeddable, but you can view it all day long here.  Once today’s events are over, the movement will not fade away.  Marchforourlives is more than just a single day protest.  It represents an entire movement, driven by children, who want change.  We will try and update this page as new live feeds become available throughout the day, and also update you all from around the country on our Twitter feeds, which can be accessed at: @Krassenstein and @EdKrassen.

Officials are currently expecting close to 500,000 protesters in Washington D.C. alone, and many hundreds of thousands more in cities and towns, not only across America, but throughout the world, spanning from Rome to Leeds, to Frankfurt and everywhere in between.

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