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EXCLUSIVE: SCL Group Whistleblower Claims Cambridge Analytica Used a US Military Weapon Against the US Elections

As we all know by now, Cambridge Analytica has apparently utilized highly sophisticated psychometric algorithms to target mental vulnerabilities within the United States and other nations, perhaps swaying votes toward one candidate or another. While these methods, in and of themselves, are not illegal per se, the data used and the methods implemented to further propagate such election swaying may themselves be illegal.

For those of you unaware of the history behind Cambridge Analytica, it’s an interesting one. A company called SCL Group launched back in the early 1990s. This company, which Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn worked for, then spun off a subsidiary called SCL Elections. SCL Elections was then funded by the Mercer family for $ 15 million, before being renamed Cambridge Analytica. This transformation basically took SCL Group, with their military ties, and transformed it into a private for-profit company targeting American citizens.

Today we were contacted by a source who claims to be a close family member of a former SCL Group employee-turned-whistleblower.  This individual has quite a shocking and incredibly disturbing story to tell. While the whistleblower has shared their story with the UK media, they are fearful that the UK Ministry of Defense will quickly move in and squash any potential publication.

The whistleblower, whom our source says worked for SCL Group between the years of 2005 and 2013, didn’t understand the complexity and disturbing nature of what he had been a part of. That is until a recent exposé aired on Channel 4 in the UK, regarding Cambridge Analytica and their shady practices. This individual had worked mainly in Iraq for SCL Group and is revealing that SCL Group was used by the US and UK militaries to devise coercive propaganda in Iraq during his time there. SCL Group, via their subsidiary Cambridge Analytica, then took this same exact approach and used it against the public in the United States via our elections, this time for monetary gain. Literally SCL Group created a military propaganda machine and then targeted the United States’ elections and our democracy with it.

The whistleblower claims that the original technology developed by SCL Group had been used extensively by the US and UK militaries in order to influence the perception of the allied forces in Iraq, as well as sway Iraqi elections and convince Iraqis to reject extremism or becoming agents of occupation for patriotic reasons. They would also use this technology to breed fear of Iran among the Iraqi citizenry and this was all being directed from the US and the UK, but implemented in the Green Zone by contractors. According to this individual, the SCL project in Iraq was off the books and was actually based in Iraq. SCL would literally fly in individuals working within the media to craft propaganda, which it then distributed anonymously using the very same techniques used in the US election by Cambridge Analytica.

The whistleblower claims that it was very likely that some of this technology was actually owned by the UK Ministry of Defense and/or the US Military, and now they don’t want people to know that it was their weapon that’s currently in the wild, being used privately to manipulate elections worldwide.

If the whistleblower’s claims are true, it appears as if the weapons used by the United States and the United Kingdom’s governments to influence the hearts and minds of Iraqi citizens, may have been used to help get President Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States.

We reached out to one of the former managers at Cambridge Analytica for their comments about their time with the company, and we were immediately met with quite an alarming response:

“As you probably already know, Cambridge pretty much coerces everyone into signing an NDA when they come aboard, but I might be able to provide a few details here or there.”

We are still waiting to see if we get a response, but in the meantime we will keep digging further on what appears to be a bombshell story.

More details about the authors of this story can be found via their Twitter profiles: Ed Krassenstein and Brian Krassenstein

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