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EPIC FAIL: Trump Tweets Birthday Wishes to a Trump-hater

Many times we hear politicians, members of the media and the general public voice their concerns over President Trump’s ridiculous use of Twitter. No President before him had used Twitter so much to direct personal attacks toward politicians, endorse others, and even attack our enemies. America and the rest of the world has become numb to the fact that virtually anything might be tweeted by our President at any given time.

This is why this morning’s tweet wishing someone a happy birthday didn’t seem that strange. After all, Trump has tweeted birthday wishes to people in the past on numerous occasions. However, this time, the President mistakenly wished a “Happy birthday” to someone who apparently hates him. This tweet read:

“Happy birthday to the great @leegreenwood83. You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

It was intended for a man named Lee Greenwood, whose song, “God Bless the USA” has been voted the most recognizable patriotic song in America. However, President Trump mistakenly wished Happy Birthday to the wrong Lee Greenwood, as his tweet was directed to @leegreenwood83, instead of @TheLeeGreenwood.

The Lee Greenwood which he actually wished “Happy birthday” to is man whose profile says that he is a New York “lawyer focused on Washington DC sports”. What’s even more ironic is the fact that this Lee Greenwood is apparently very anti-Trump.  According to his Twitter profile, he attends pro-Muslim marches, retweets things from Rachel Maddow, and mocks President Trump quite often.

While this is just a simple mistake made on part of the President of the United States, it does go to show you just how easy it is for the President to make mistakes via his Twitter feed. A simple birthday wish is not earth shattering, but what if this was a tweet directed at an ally or an enemy? What if Trump accidentally mistook an ally for an enemy and tweeted something that was meant for the former to the latter? This is just one reason why some people criticize Trump’s use of twitter to attack, endorse and simply speak his mind in real time.

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