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Clinton Could Be Special Counsel & The Outcome Would Still be Fair

Last night CNN reported that the first charges have been approved in the Mueller Investigation of Trump/Russia. While this news is quite damning to the Trump administration, no matter who the individuals being charged may end up being, you can be assured that those on the right will now go on the attack of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In fact, the attack dogs actually preceded the indictment announcement, as over the last two weeks those on the right continued to try and link Mueller to Comey, Clinton, the FBI and Obama. People like Sean Hannity claimed that Mueller should immediately step down since he was in charge of the FBI during the Uranium One deal. Others on the right followed Hannity’s lead and also began calling for the resignation of one of the most respected men in America.

Besides the fact that Robert Mueller is a Republican, appointed by Republicans to investigate a Republican, his actual position ultimately will not effect the outcome of a jury’s verdict. You see, here in America we have something called a jury. This is a group of one’s peers who decide if the charges being brought by the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, have enough evidence to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that an individual is guilty of the crime they are being charged with. It’s not Mueller’s job to decide guilt. It’s Mueller’s job to present the evidence of guilt and then a judge and a jury to determine if that evidence proves such.

Hillary Clinton could literally be the special prosecutor and the ultimate outcome of a trial would be no different in terms of fairness. Whether Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller or Barron Trump were prosecuting this case, the jury and judge involved in any hearing would still remain impartial. They are the ones who determine the outcome, not Mueller, not Comey, and certainly not the “Deep State”.

So, as attacks on Mueller ramp up this weekend, I want you all to remember that such attacks are merely a distraction, and even if this man was not one of the most respected individuals in the country, appointed by Republicans, his role in this whole fiasco ultimately would not determine the innocence or guilt of the President or any of his associates.

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