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Hysterical ‘Ronald Plump’ Children’s Book That “Even Trump Can Read’ Hits Kickstarter

There is no doubt that many lessons will be learned during and after Trump’s presidency. Whether it’s the way he has dealt with the media, his divisive rhetoric, constant lies or perceived bigotry, Trump certainly isn’t the role model president many parents had hoped for. If my 9-year-old son said some of the things coming out of the President’s mouth, he’d be locked in his room for the next two weeks, and I’d likely need to sit down and have a long talk with him about morals, respect and dignity.

Now, two twin brothers, who are fathers themselves, have decided to nip this problem in the bud. Ed and Brian Krassenstein, the founders of IR.net, are Kickstarting a new children’s book enitled “How the People Trumped Ronald Plump,” and it’s not only for children.

“We wrote this story in a non-political fashion. It’s goals are to teach our children about inclusion, selflessness and self respect, while urging them to follow their own hearts rather than be influence by those who are up to no good. We’ve also written it so that adults can relate to the worrisome humor surrounding the Trump presidency as well,” Brian Krassenstein told us.

Some of the characters in the story, besides the main character Ronald Plump, include:

Weave Bannon – a squirrel who lives on Ronald Plump’s head, controlling his everyday thoughts and actions, while also providing for quite the hairpiece for the misguided leader.
Loudimir Tootin – a foreign leader who also wields much influence over Ronald Plump. He is an interesting character who ‘toots’ rockets from his rear-end.
Persistent Warren –  a woman who is a representation of strength, determination and persistence.
Iwannabe Plump, Jared Nepotism, and Robert Moral.

“I think it’s important to stress that this book’s purpose is not to teach our children political ideologies, rather it’s to teach them morals, and how to develop into a good person.  Whether you are a Democrat who despises Trump, or a Republican who think’s he’s the best thing since bacon-wrapped bacon, this book will be entertaining, educational and most importantly, a tool for your child’s development,” Ed Krassenstein stated.

The Krassensteins have turned to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in order to raise enough money to complete the story and publish the book. In doing so they have allowed anyone on the planet to pre-order a copy of the book by pledging a small amount to help them reach their goal.

Below you will find additional graphics from the book, as well as a preview of some of the pages.

Back this project on Kickstarter Now.

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