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Bombshell Report: Trump Campaign Officials Retweeted Russian Bot

Up until this point in time, there have been a lot of pieces to the Trump/Russia puzzle, but that puzzle was a severely scattered one. Now, thanks to the team here at IR.net, the Chicago Tribune, and the Internet Archive, we have been able to link Trump campaign officials directly to a Russian bot account which tweeted exclusively pro-trump propaganda.

Last night the Chicago Tribune did a story pointing out one particular Twitter account that I myself had become very familiar with in the past. The account, @Ten_GOP, which Twitter suspended sometime in the middle of August, described themselves as the “Unofficial Twitter of Tennessee Republicans. Covering breaking news, national politics, foreign policy and more. #MAGA #2A”. Two people familiar with the investigations into the Kremlin’s meddling in the U.S. election have confirmed that this account was an asset of Russian operatives.

I distinctly recall this Twitter account, not only obsessively supporting the President of the United States, but also obsessively replying to Trump’s tweets and most of the time getting ranked near the top of the reply stream. I also recall several individuals, who were working with, or had worked within the Trump campaign retweeting messages from this account quite often. The Chicago Tribune has confirmed this as well, pointing out that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, as well as former campaign adviser Roger Stone, both retweeted this Russian bot account’s messages. Michael Flynn Jr. also retweeted a message or two from this Russian account.

Below you can see just a handful of the pro-Trump propaganda that this Russian-controlled account had tweeted before, during and after the election. There is no question what-so-ever whose side this account was on:

We now have direct evidence that Trump campaign officials and a White House adviser retweeted Russian propaganda in order to boost the public’s perception of both candidate Trump and President Trump. Is this the smoking gun we have all been waiting on? That’s up to Robert Mueller and the public to decide.

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