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GOP Senator: Tillerson, Kelly & Mattis Protecting U.S. From Trump Adminstration

There has been no shortage of criticism from congressmen and senators when it comes to President Trump’s ability to manage the country. With that said, nearly all of the criticism thus far has come from Democratic politicians, while Republicans seem to just look on and hope for the best.

This afternoon, all of that changed as Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee just came out and issued a scathing attack on the Trump administration when asked his opinion of the relationship between President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

“I think Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis and chief of staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos,” Corker told reporters. “And I support him very much, and I don’t know what he may have said after the briefing. I watch, and I see what’s happening, and I deal with people throughout the administration, and he, from my perspective, he is in an incredibly frustrating place, where as I watch, and I can watch very closely on many occasions, he ends up not being supported in a way that I would a hope a secretary of State would be supported, and that’s just from my vantage point.”

The Hill asked Corker if the chaos he was referring to is related to Trump specifically, and he responded saying that people within the administration are working against the interest of the country.

“Tillerson, Mattis and Kelly work well together to make sure that the policies that we put forth around the world are sound and coherent, where other people within the administration, in my belief, are not,” Corker said. “I hope they stay because they’re valuable to the national security of our nation. They’re valuable to us putting forth good policies. They’re very valuable as it relates to our citizens feeling safe and secure, and I hope he’s here for a long time.”

While it is surprising that Corker is speaking out against this Republican administration, it is interesting to note that the 65-year-old Senator announced only last week that he will not seek re-election following the expiration of his current term next year.  Clearly he has nothing to lose for speaking out against the President and those within the White House.

It will be interesting to see if any fellow GOP senators follow suit with criticism. Let’s hear your thoughts on Corker’s remarks in the comments section below.

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