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DailyStormer Compliments Jewish Media While Criticizing Jewish Media

You may recall back in August, an alt-right website called DailyStormer was heavily criticized for praising the Charlottesville attacker. After having their website compromised by hacking group Anonymous, GoDaddy and Google both terminated their domain registration. This led to the website registering their domain in other countries and now finally finding a home at DailyStormer.cat.

Since their relaunch, they have continued their alt-right rhetoric and have helped spread more and more “FAKE NEWS” to the general public. Yesterday, one particular article caught my attention, because it mentioned my name personally.

That article was entitled, “CBS Jewish Media Executive Celebrates Las Vegas Shooting: Jews laugh when whites die“. It went on to read:

“Jews can hardly contain their groans of ecstasy over the Mandalay Bay shooting. Hanukkah’s come early this year!”

The article goes on to touch on the alleged firing of CBS Vice President, Hayley Geftman-Gold for allegedly saying she wasn’t sympathetic to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because she believed most of them were Republicans. Then the article’s writer, Eric Striker, noted the following:

“While (((Leslie Moonves’))) white-hating CBS Corp. was forced to dismiss her, don’t think for one second there aren’t more media Jews echoing these very same sentiments in private.”

This is right before he goes on to praise the tweets of several other individuals, including one made by myself, seen below:

The ironic thing here is that I am a journalist, and I am also Jewish. So while Striker apparently was trying to make it seems as though the “Jewish Media” is heartless when it comes to this latest terrorist attack, he did the exact opposite by complimenting a tweet by me, the “Jewish Media”.

I’d love to hear your comments in the comments section below.

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