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Fake Picture Of NFL Player Burning An American Flag Goes Viral

It’s a sad state of affairs when we, as Americans, can no longer tell what’s fact and what’s fiction, but because of social media, the spread of fake news and fake images continue to influence how the people of this nation understand the world around them. Russia took advantage of social media’s ability to spread inaccurate news, which likely had an impact on last year’s election, and now conservative groups here in the United States are seemingly doing the same.

Last week was headlined by President Trump’s comments about NFL players who sit during the national anthem. Instead of bringing the country together, his comments divided us even further, and the protests grew even louder. While there is no right or wrong answer as to how a player should react during the national anthem, some people on the right seem to be so upset about players deciding to take a knee during the anthem, that they are trying to spread hate and divide us using fake images.

One image in particular has gone viral on both Facebook and Twitter. The image, depicting Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks burning an American flag in the locker room as teammates seem to cheer him on, has been shared tens of thousands of times, and a large portion of those sharing it are doing so without knowing that it’s fake. You can see the actual image next to the doctored one below.

Comments made about the image show that hundreds, if not thousands of individuals actually think it’s real, as it continues to be retweeted and reshared via social media.

“This is what happens when people idolize a bunch of supposed hero’s instead of giving back to the true Americans that are willing to die to defend out country. Boycott now,” reads one comment under the image.

“That doesn’t surprise me that Sherman is sitting on the side laughing but really surprises me that Pete Carroll is sitting there and enjoying this s*** that’s going on. What a f****** traitor to our country. I never like the piece of s*** when he was in the NFL the first time.” wrote another angry Facebook user.

If anyone took more than a few seconds to view the image in question, they should realize that a flag could not be burning inside a locker room without the sprinklers going off. Then again it should be apparent that NFL players and coaches wouldn’t dare do such a thing in a locker room in the first place.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this image in the comments section below.

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