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EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Shows Georgia Voter Registration Was Altered

It has already been confirmed that voter registration in over 20 U.S. states had been targeted by Russian hacking groups in a run off to the 2016 Presidential election. That, in and of itself, seems to be enough to at least make some of us a little less confident about the outcome, not only of the 2016 Presidential election, but in other tightly fought battles in the Senate and the House as well.

Last week, the federal government informed 21 states that hackers had targeted their voting systems prior to the last election. Then earlier this week, DHS retracted this claim for two of the states involved, now saying that California and Wisconsin had other networks targeted, but not their election systems.

Now IR.net has an exclusive lead on a story which has not yet been covered by the mainstream media, or anyone else for that matter. A source who we have been in contact with claims that there is evidence to suggest that hackers may have infiltrated the Georgia voter registration system. For your information, Georgia was not one of the states informed by Homeland Security to have had been the target of a Russian hacking attempt.

Our source for this information is a woman named Misty Burke, whose husband is a U.S. Army Veteran of 20 years. Misty, and her husband, are residents of Columbus, Georgia and what happened to them on election day 2016 is a story that should not be ignored.

“My husband, who served in the Army 20 years, was unable to vote,” Misty Burke tells IR.net. “When he went to our designated voting station, they said he wasn’t in the system. They had also told him that many others in the state of Georgia were unable to vote. They said 100s of folks there were told the same thing. Thousands of people, in GA alone couldn’t vote.”

Misty’s husband, whose name we will keep private, did in fact register to vote, and this year he had intended to vote for Hillary Clinton. That is until he arrived at his polling place to find that his name had somehow vanished off of the electronic registration system.

“I’m a democratic,” Misty told us. “It just seems odd that thousands of people couldn’t vote due to them not being ‘in the system’.  He’s voted before. Even when he was deployed. Not sure how things might work outside of Georgia, but when you get your driver’s license, the form asks if you want to register to vote. He got his GA driver’s license a few years ago, which is how I registered to vote. I just wanna know why he couldn’t vote. He won’t press this [issue]. In the last year, I’ve questioned the country that I love, the one I know, the one my family fought for, the one that fights for all amendments, not just parts of them.”

Misty isn’t the only one wondering why some individuals seemingly vanished off of the voting rolls in the state Georgia. She believes that if this happened in Georgia, mostly likely it may have happened in other states as well.

Back in August there was a lawsuit filed over election hacking in Georgia, when a group of Democrats and Republicans sought to overturn the June special election where Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff lost a closely contested congressional battle with Republican Karen Handel. The polls leading up to this election showed Ossoff with a decent lead over Handel, but in the end Handel won the seat. The plaintiffs in the case argued that a computer expert had deemed that Georgia’s voting system was left very vulnerable to hackers being that it was openly available on the internet without the protection of a required password.

Could Misty Burke be onto something? Was her husband removed from voter rolls by Russian hackers, trying to influence the 2016 election in favor of Candidate Donald Trump? Hopefully by publishing this story Congress will open a more thorough investigation into what really happened to people like Mr. Burke whose voter registration was somehow wiped from the system. Please share this story and let us know if you or anyone you know had experienced a similar problem in the comments section below. Also feel free to contact us at irnetnews@gmail.com.

UPDATE:  Since this article was published, we have received messages from other individuals who have had similar problems, including those below:

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