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Email Prankster Has Hilarious, Yet Concerning Exchange With Kushner Lawyer

In the midst of what may be the biggest investigation into a sitting President in the history of our republic, one individual and serial prankster on Twitter, known as Sinon_Reborn, has been having a bit of fun. Sinon_Reborn has been email pranking numerous individuals in and around the White House for a few months now, but this week he may have pulled off his most hilarious, yet concerning prank yet.

This time it was Abbe Lowell, a top Washington lawyer, who was the victim of the prank. Lowell has been working with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who happens to be facing his own personal email scandal of sorts.  The attorney was fooled by the prankster after receiving an email from the address kushner.jared@mail.com.

The prankster, posing as Kushner, asked Lowell what he should do with “some correspondence on my private email … featuring adult content.”

The rest of the email chain reads as follows:

Kushner Imposter: “Can I remove these?”

Abbe Lowell: “Forwarded or received from WH officials?”

Kushner Imposter: “I think one was forwarded from a White House official, we had discussed a shared interest of sorts. It was unsolicited. Then there are a handful more, but not from officials.”

Abbe Lowell: “I need to see I think all emails between you and WH (just for me and us). We need to send any officials emails to your WH account. Not stuff like you asked about. None of those are going anywhere.”

Kushner Imposter: “But we can bury it? I’m so embarrassed. It’s fairly specialist stuff, half naked women on a trampoline, standing on legoscenes, the tag for the movie was #standingOnTheLittlePeople :(”

Abbe Lowell: “Don’t delete. Don’t send to anyone. Let’s chat in a bit.”

While the email conversation is hilarious, it does bring up some concerns regarding Lowell’s statements to whom he assumed was Kushner. Investigators are clearly interested in seeing the entirety of Kushner’s private emails, yet Lowell seems to suggest that they won’t show such emails to investigators. Of course we don’t know exactly how Lowell would have handled the situation had it actually gone forward, but if in fact the attorneys for those under investigation are withholding information, that’s just another thing for Mueller and Congress to look into.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this prank in the comments section below.

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