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Russian Who Manafort Gave Briefing to Was Just Illegally Near Trump’s NJ Golf Course

Just yesterday the Washington Post released a bombshell report indicating that former Trump campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort offered to provide briefings on the 2016 Presidential race to a Russian billionaire closely aligned with the Kremlin, named Oleg Deripaska. The offering, which took place via email on June 7, 2016, was sent to an intermediary. It read. “If he needs private briefings we can accommodate.”

This email is just one of thousands which are now in the possession of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators. Deripaska, who has repeatedly been banned from entering the United States, the last time in 2010, has had a running relationship with Manafort. In fact, back in 2006 Manafort signed a $ 10 million annual contract with Deripaska and the Kremlin, in which his chief responsibility was to influence politics, business dealings and news coverage in the United States, Europe and the former Soviet Republics, to benefit the Putin government.

As if these allegations were not enough to make one question the link that Manafort has had to the Trump campaign, perhaps recent information coming out today will. Despite the fact that Deripaska is currently banned from entering the United States, his private jet, M-UGIC, was spotted just two days ago at the Morristown, NJ municipal airport. The aircraft remained at this tiny airport for two days between September 17-18. One might ask, why the heck would his private jet be at a tiny airport in Central New Jersey? Well, this airport is just a 25-minute drive from President Trump’s Bedminster golf course.

Given that Deripaska has strong ties to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin, one has to wonder if there could be any other reason his private jet would be located just 22 miles from Trump’s golf course, than for nefarious purposes. One also must wonder if Deripaska was actually on the plane, and if so, how he would have been able to enter the United States given that he no longer is legally granted access. Could an associate of Deripaska have been on the plane, and was there a meeting taking place between him and an associate of the President at his Bedminster resort? Could this be the reason why Donald Trump Jr. ditched his security detail days ago?

Sure this is a lot of speculation, but the mainstream media should not be ignoring these rather important facts, especially when they are so closely tied to the current Trump/Russia Investigation.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

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