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Watch As Spicer Basically Admits His Willingness to Lie for Trump

Many critics of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer saw him more as a joke than an actual government employee. He stood in front of the international media and told lie after lie as if he didn’t understand the difference between actual legitimate facts and ‘alternative facts’. Despite all of this and the media’s continued bashing of the man, Spicer has kept a positive attitude and has even learned how to poke fun at himself now that he is no longer in the public spotlight.

Spicer last night was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and Kimmel was sure to ask him the questions Americans seem to want answered. At one point in the interview Kimmel asked Spicer if his job was simply to say whatever the President asked him too. Spicer’s reply was a somewhat surprising, “That’s what you sign up to do.”

“Even if you know the crowd wasn’t bigger, you have to go — as press secretary, you have to say that it was,” Kimmel said, trying to get Spicer to further admit to basically fudging reality.

“Look, your job as press secretary is to represent the president’s voice,” Spicer responded, “and to make sure that you are articulating what he believes, [what] his vision is on policy, on issues and on other areas that he wants to articulate. Whether or not you agree or not isn’t your job.”

The entire 20-minute interview, which can be seen below, really does provide an interesting take on Spicer’s view of his role as Press Secretary under Trump. While one can argue whether his loyalty should have been to the American people over the President, Spicer certainly showed some courage in coming on Kimmel’s show, knowing very well that he would be the target of some pretty epic jokes.

What are your thoughts on Spicer’s take of his role in the White House prior to his resignation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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