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Russian Politician: “Hit Donald Trump with our Kompromat!”

Ever since the release of the Steele dossier back in early January by BuzzFeed, the word ‘kompromat’ has been discussed quite often in political circles here in the United States. Kompromat is the Russian term for compromising material or blackmail material, and according to the research conducted by ex-British MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, Russia has such material on President Trump.

The dossier claimed that the Kremlin had videotaped Trump in a Moscow hotel room with two prostitutes. Sources of Steele claimed that the tape included footage of the prostitutes urinating on the hotel bed, which happened to be one in which Barack and Michelle Obama had stayed in during a recent visit. Skeptics immediately began to claim that the dossier had to be a hoax, considering the fact that such allegations seem almost too ridiculous to be true, but new information coming from Russia seems to back up such claims.

Speaking on Russia-24, a a state-run television station, Nikita Isaev, the leader of the far-right New Russia Movement, and a prominent politician within the country, said that the Kremlin should release their compromising material on President Trump in retaliation to the closure of multiple Russian compounds in the US.

“Hit Donald Trump with our Kompromat” Isaev said in response to a question asking what Russia’s next move should be.  He was then asked if such material actually existed, and his response was a reassuring “Of course we have it!”

While Isaev does not speak for the Kremlin himself, such statements only add further evidence to back the Steele dossier, which has already had many of its claims confirmed.  The complete Russia-24 segment where Isaev makes such claims can be seen here (note that it’s all in Russian).

It will be interesting to see if, how and when Russia may release such information, should it exist, and what the President’s response may be. Let’s hear your thoughts on Isaev’s claims. Discuss in the comments section below.

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