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GOP Just Hijacked Russia Probe – Democrats Boycott Hearing, Walk Out

While it has been somewhat apparent that Republicans on both the committees in the House and the Senate are trying to obstruct the investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, late yesterday things seemed to really boil over.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee walked out of a meeting last night after Republicans blocked a resolution of inquiry into Trump’s collusion with Russia, instead substituting language for potentially a baseless investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and conspiracy theories about the DNC. Democratic Rep. from Maryland, Jamie Raskin, was so angry she posted a live Facebook stream following the meeting, which can be seen below:



GOP obstruction of Debate in the Judiciary Committee

Posted by Rep. Jamie Raskin on Thursday, September 7, 2017


“We were just part of a walkout of all the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee after there was a really outrageous and disrespectful silencing of the minority on the committee of the Democrats. And it also started with a resolution that my colleagues introduced just last week, where they imposed a substitute. We were asking for an investigation into obstruction of justice and abuse of power by the Trump administration and Trump’s firing of Comey. They substituted for it their language looking for an investigation into Hillary Clinton, and they performed a very similar maneuver today that was even worse because they silenced the minority and didn’t even permit us a chance to speak for the resolution,” Raskin said.

Washington State Democrat, Pramila Jayapal also showed her frustration, stating the following:

“When I look at the situation, and I think about a majority and a minority party, we understand that the majority has a lot of power, but the reality is there are some rights that the minority has, and a resolution of inquiry is one of the very few rights that a minority has. What happened today is that even that simple basic right of the minority to have a resolution, have an up or down vote, and have debate was taken away from us. And I think it’s unconscionable that we on the Judiciary Committee are the only committee of record that is not having any kind of investigation hearings on any of the issues that are happening.

Just today, Donald Trump Jr. is on the Hill in the Senate Intel committee, and yet here we have members who are trying to make it seem like somehow there’s no proof that anything happened with the election, there’s no proof that there’s anything to investigate, and I think it is absolutely a travesty to the American people, to the sense of democracy and justice, and we are not fulfilling our obligations as a judiciary committee.

So unfortunately we’re going to have to continue to take these kinds of steps over and over again because if we’re not going to be able to debate these resolutions, then at least the American public should understand that we are being silenced right here in the United States House of Representatives.”

Clearly Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have had enough of the games being played by the GOP. Whether they can really do much about it besides simply speak out, is yet to be seen, but in the end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team are likely many steps ahead anyway. Let’s hear your thoughts on this walkout in the comments section below.

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