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Congressman Joaquín Castro: Impeachment Process Could Start Soon

Last week, the New York Times revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was in possession of a letter that President Trump and adviser Stephen Miller had originally drafted for the purpose of explaining the pending firing of former FBI Director James Comey to the American public. The letter, according to the New York Times, was rejected by White House counsel after it was considered ‘troublesome’ from a legal perspective. While we do not know exactly what the draft included, we do know that it worried White House Lawyer Donald McGahn enough for him to outright reject it.

As political pundits, as well as Congress, begin to digest what this news may mean in the long run, Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro said some pretty interesting things this morning on MSNBC, when discussing his desire to quickly review the draft.  The full video segment may be viewed below:

“I said early on that if President Trump fired Comey for that reason [the Russian investigation], then that is grounds to start impeachment proceedings,” Castro said told Ari Melber. “If he fires Mueller for a similar reason—to get rid of the Russia investigation or because he thinks it will accomplish that—those are grounds to start impeachment proceedings.”

It shouldn’t shock anyone that if the President fired James Comey in order to stop the investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Russia, then obstruction of justice charges are likely. The ironic thing is that the letter almost isn’t required to prove obstruction since Trump himself clearly admitted to Lester Holt on national TV that he fired Comey because of that very investigation.

With all of this said, Castro is a Democrat, while Republicans currently control both the House and the Senate, meaning we will need a little bit more than just the opinion of Castro to actually see the President impeached.

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