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Trump Body Guard, Schiller: ‘John Kelly Doesn’t Like Trump’

Ever since John Kelly left his post at Homeland Security to replace White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, many political pundits questioned the somewhat odd decision by the President. Kelly, who is an independent voter, and whose experience is within the military, not politics, would clearly have a strict management style. This is something Trump usually would shy away from. It wasn’t only an odd match from the President’s perspective, however. Kelly, who seems to have a well functioning moral compass, and has almost always been politically correct in his statements, appears to be the opposite of Trump in pretty much every way possible.

This of course makes one ask themselves, ‘why did Kelly take this position in the first place?’ While there has been speculation that Kelly decided to move into the White House in order to protect America from a President who’s unfocused, unprepared and perhaps even compromised by Russia, it has only been speculation up until this point.

Early this morning, a White House reporter for Bloomberg, named Jennifer Jacobs, reported on comments made by the President’s outgoing longtime body guard, Keith Schiller. Schiller, who is currently the Director of Oval Office Operations, has recently told the President that he would be resigning. Schiller also happens to be the man who delivered the message to James Comey, informing him that he had been fired.

According to Jacobs, sources have told her that Schiller has commented to allies that he thinks Chief of Staff John Kelly “doesn’t like Trump very much, and is doing the job only out of duty to country”. This would go along with rumors we have been hearing for weeks now that Kelly is on the side of the American people, and not particularly President Trump himself.

It will now be interesting to see if such comments widen an already expected rift within the White House between Trump and his original team, and John Kelly, H.R. McMaster and perhaps General Mattis. Let’s hear your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

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