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‘Let’s see [Trump] stand in E. coli water’ — Houston News Executive

Since President Trump began his campaign, he has always had a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the media — at least the media outlets which report on negative aspects of his campaign and presidency. His supporters feel as though he is being unfairly targeted, while his critics believe that the media is simply reporting on what they are witnessing — a Presidency filled with flaws, mistakes and potentially crime.

Regardless of which side of the aisle you stand on, one thing is for sure, the relationship works both ways. The media certainly has been reporting on many negative aspects of this presidency, but that certainly isn’t a one-way relationship. Trump has continuously and brutally attacked the media, calling them the “enemy of the state” as well as every other name in the book.

After Trump recently took another attack to the mainstream media, following Hurricane Harvey, one Houston news executive fought back. After stating that the U.S. Coast Guard had saved 11,000 people by going into the winds of the storm, Trump proceeded by saying, “Think of it, almost 11,000 people by going into winds that the media would not go into. They will not go into those winds, unless it’s a really good story.”

Bill Bishop, the managing editor of KHOU-TV in Houston fired back with a tweet stating:

“I’ve had with the insults. Let’s see him stand in E. coli water reporting for hours like the media does”

It’s obvious that the relationship between Trump and the media, whom he often refers to as “FAKE NEWS”, won’t be getting better anytime soon, and this certainly isn’t doing much to unite a country which Trump once said needed to be united.

Let us know your thoughts. Does Bishop make a good point, or are his comments going too far? Discuss in the comments section below.

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