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Bannon Friend: Breitbart to Declare War on Trump White House & Rupert Murdoch

Another day, another White House official gone. It’s been nothing out of the ordinary to see high ranking White House staff either resign or get fired over the last several months. In fact, this White House, which the President says runs like a “well oiled machine,” seems to be the very definition of ‘chaotic’.

Early this afternoon reports began to emerge that White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon will be forced to leave his position after nearly seven months on the job. The move comes as the Trump administration continues to take heat for their lack of criticism of white nationalist groups following last weekend’s terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. Reports have indicated that President Trump was ‘afraid’ to fire Steve Bannon as his influence of the alt-right, thanks to his ties with Breitbart.com, could scare off Trump’s base.

It now appears as if the President’s worst fears are coming true, as reports coming from both a friend of Bannon, as well as sources close to Breitbart are claiming that Breitbart is ramping up for war against the White House. Moments ago, Gabriel Sherman, a Vanity Fair special correspondent and contributor for NBC News/MSNBC, tweeted the following:

“Source close to Bannon confirms Bannon expected to return to Breitbart after a WH exit. Bannon friend says Breitbart ramping up for war against Trump. ‘It’s now a Democrat White House,’ source says. Source close to Breitbart also says Bannon is gearing up for ‘war’ against Rupert Murdoch.”

A large portion of Breitbart readers have also been Trump supporters, meaning that if Breitbart makes a hard turn against the President, his approval rating and support in this country could drop significantly. It’s also interesting to note that Breitbart appears to be planning to ramp up a war against Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, which could fragment the right even further than it already is.

It will be interesting to see what tone Breitbart takes, especially if Bannon returns to the publication, and how its readers will react to Bannon’s ouster this afternoon. Let’s hear your thoughts on this news in the comments section below.

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